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Actualizado: 21 jun 2021

People, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Market potential are the ingredients for business success. Startups need a system for execution because successful business execution does not come by a stroke of luck. Similarly, creativity and innovation do not come by accident. A startup needs to move into making a real execution and development of a growth engine which is capable of maturing with the company, with the same speed and agility.

Once the starting idea is turned into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) we need to think about building a Minimum viable Company (MVC). The M.V. Product was created out of ideas, expertise and grit of very talented people, who saw a great opportunity in a growing market, so the Mimimum Viable Company; the execution engine. Once we have researched, it is important to follow a clear road map which enables a healthy and sustainable development.

The Minimum Viable Company represents a major success factor for startups, but it is hard for entreprenuers to pay attention to it at an early stage. They have other primacies on which to focus, and are not trained or do not have experience in this area of business management and operations. For instance, if there is not sufficient money product and figure are the priorities, while business execution is left for a later stage. Everybody can notice the difference because:

  • The company matures with less “execution anxiety”

  • The new recruits feel better on-boarded and led into efficient team execution

  • The investors feel that they have control about where the money is being invest

  • Once the business model is properly tackled the business grows more rapidly and controlled.

  • We believe that on the short and medium run investing a little more than the usual in business execution can make the startup up to two times more valuable and also reduces significantly execution risk.

Here is precisely where the concept Minimum Viable Company comes into play. Why not design a prototype of a solid, sustainable and scalable execution engine, which then puts into action the minimum components required to execute in the current “early stage” startup phase, but which has already plotted and considered all the steps the young company will require in the near future to be successful from the business execution point of view.

Our approach is to engineer the startup when it’s feasible also on the startup business construction, whereby innovation is maintained and traction in the real market is gained. Later it will be more costly and dramatic. If you still have doubts, please contact us at:

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