Spain, one of the most developed mobile markets worldwide

Actualizado: 21 jun 2021

Spain nowadays is a vibrant mobile market place. This is something that I want to transmit to you, like I did with the delegation of 50 Austrian companies, on the occasion of the Mobile World Congress. Here you can see the existence of a “real” market and the availability of high skilled professionals, just for mention two of the main reasons.

Some figures that underline the magnitude of the Spanish mobile market

After Scandinavia, Spain is the highest developed mobile market with a smartphone density of 88% (USA 73%; UK 75%), carrier revenues of approx. 7 Bn €, a m-gaming market of 1,6 Bn € and with Apps development approx. 1 Bn €.

The four large carriers, Telefonica, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo are sharing the market with increasingly important MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), which are quickly growing and together are already obtaining a market share of more than 20%. The Intense price competition is leading to creative package offerings, so-called dual, triple and quadruple plays, combining voice, data, Internet and TV.

At the same time with an average speed of 18 Mbps Spain has the fastest mobile grid worldwide (USA 7 Mbps). Vodafone operates the fastest single network of over 25 Mbps and in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid, Orange customers, have access to a 400 Mbps network. Meanwhile in Madrid, Telefonica is currently running 5G pilots. Note that M2M and IoT* are already accounting for 25% of mobile traffic with main applications in security, logistics, industry and first smart cities pilots. (*If you want to complete your reading about IoT download our infographic.)


Behind South Korea, Japan and UK, Spain is also leading in m-commerce, nearly one-third of all online transactions are made through mobile devices. It should also be mentioned that the 12% of Smartphone users are using mobile NFC payment technology to pay at a physical store.

The opportunities for foreign companies in the Spanish market are interesting on multiple levels

Therefore, Spain hosts interesting end customers in various sectors such as banking, health, utilities, infrastructure and facilities management, retail and industry. IBEX 35 companies now make up over 80% of its sales abroad, which exposes them to global competition and fosters their need to keep pace with latest technology. Telefonica is a good example: Only 20% of its 70 Bn € revenue is domestic, the rest comes mainly from Germany, Brazil and Mexico.

Spanish mobile companies can be attractive partner on different levels such as R&D, subcontracting of production or distribution. Wages and salaries in the Spanish mobile industry are approx. 50% of Central Europe; high skilled talent is available and highly motivated.

If Spain is one of the most developed mobile markets worldwide, what are you waiting to seize this opportunity?

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