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Actualizado: 21 jun 2021

In traditional media, in social media, out in the street... consumer habits, leisure and forms of communication are changing at a dizzying pace. Digital transformation is talked about and felt everywhere. But... are we ready to take the plunge?

The three main axes of digital transformation are processes, talent and technology. Therefore, no matter how many new technologies we develop, without a clear method and efficient talent management we will never enter the era of transformation.

This transformation is not only digital - it also covers all the key aspects in an organization.

We find ourselves facing the era of change, the market is constantly transforming, and if we want to reach these new buyers we must stop doing things as we did before. We can’t keep working as usual if we really want to get different results.

The problem in a sales department

In most organizations, and specifically in sales departments, it is really difficult to retain good ‘hunter’ profiles in the team; not only that, but we must be aware of the necessary and realistic time it takes for them to actually bring results to the company. It may seem easier at first to have a good ‘farmer’, but the truth is that very few account managers leave their comfort zones to actually inspect clients in depth to sell to their full potential.

Most certainly some of our readers have felt disappointed with a marketing campaign where the company spent thousands of euros to organize an event, or on merchandising or on a telemarketing campaign. Too many companies invest in actions which don’t have an impact over time, are opportunistic and barely have any returns. However, have you heard of the efficiency of go-to-market programs?

How to bridge the gap between sales and marketing?

Both teams should work hand in hand in the sales process from the very beginning . Especially now, in the era of change and innovation, teams must be nimble and have a more variable cost structure to provide higher flexibility and resilience to be quicker than the competition. IVC can help both, well-established IT vendors and start-ups willing to sell more, grow or expand in different countries and markets.

What can an IVC go-to-market program do for you?

  • Optimize costs

  • We reduce the adaptation curve of new sales team members.

  • We improve sales team productivity, so sales resources will have a better ROI. On the one hand, we have ‘hunter’ profiles close sales in a shorter time, as we help them create a qualified pipeline of interests and business opportunities from scratch and always follow up to shorten the sales cycle. On the other hand, more ‘managerial’ profiles obtain more visibility with clients, we screen different interlocutors, decision-makers and business areas for deeper penetration.

  • Add new decision-makers into your CRM: Innovation, transformation, digitalization, development Ops...

  • Know the market’s feedback continually in order to adapt the pitch and align it to the digital transformation.

  • You won’t have an excuse anymore for not having a good plan for every account , which is complete with all the relevant information to keep your CRM up to date.

  • Forecasts will be reached at the end of the financial year thanks to a top-quality pipeline.

  • The sales team will be able to focus on selling and not on prospecting or screening.


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