Objection handling? Do hands on listening!

Actualizado: 22 jun 2021

Most companies nowadays invest a lot of time and resources in building enormous sets of complex documents and sales-wares full of questions so that they can handle possible sales focused objections. Wouldn’t it be much better focusing on really asking their potential clients about what they really need, how and when?

Usually companies you work in or for, are telling you as an inside seller, that you should use these objection handling documents and improve them. If these policies don't change in your company because it's mandatory; at least use them from a 180º perspective to obtain better results. First for your client and then for you.

Even the most proud and supposedly successful corporates are becoming more humble in a way that is a MUST. New J and some other business models are growing fast; by just putting the focus on NOT offering what they think is best, but rather starting from scratch in terms of what the B2Cs need.

Remember that any single B2B product or service is meant to be used by humans, and so far even in the robotics sector, the world has not yet seen a robot making decisions in any company. Yet now and hopefully in the next generations to come there will be many things that humans do and robots don't, mostly the ones related to emotions, relationships and decision making.

Although Facebook and some others are everyday struggling to create new emoticons and giving emotions to vectors, Humans on the other side, and as in the words of "The Proclaimers", we would walk 500 miles just because we do live following our emotions.

Not being afraid of making mistakes is the beginning

It all begins with us and inside of us. As Charlie Chaplin brilliantly introduced in one of his master pieces ever, The Great Dictator, “we the people have the power to make this life a wonderful adventure”, but it all begins in our souls and hearts".

Recent studies reveal that 90% of our character and who we are now is formed in the first 20% of our life. Moreover, only 15% of human beings are open to making changes in their essence, feelings and the way they are for emotional and spiritual structural and consistent growth. This fact is extremely relevant within personal and professional development, matching engagement and productivity with true happiness and values.

After personal experience and study in the field, working over 7 years in a really demanding consultative environment, having lead numerous sales and marketing initiatives in the IT, technological and value added segments for global companies and startups, I came to witness that unfortunately, these proportions are dramatically real. The good news is that in today’s world, the window of opportunity for improving and attaining real structural changes for good, is huge.

So what if we start losing the fear of making mistakes and let´s see what happens? Most of us would be surprised when getting rid of the “bad back pack full of negative feelings” we are carrying, not even being ours, but from others. The results would probably be so positive and significant that all of a sudden, we would become much more productive and happy at the same time, producing an expansive wave of go-with-the flow environments infecting the rest of our colleagues and world.

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Where is the link?

After having read the two first sections you might be confused although still eager to find the connection between not handling objections and listening first, versus not being afraid of making mistakes.

And here it comes: now companies, workers, leaders, we all have a great opportunity to stop for one second or two, and think if what we are doing and how we are doing it, makes sense and most importantly, if we are really adding value for any other purpose rather than making quick money. Because here we could find a possible solution; the best sales directors, sales people or simply the best at what they do, get the most satisfied new and long term clients by just truly caring about them and listening to them.

This will maybe sound to you, to be quite simple and lack of meaning but if you just stop and start thinking how are you selling and listening to your active or potential clients, maybe you will understand why you are always struggling with your sales objectives, quarreling with your team and fighting with yourself.

And maybe, just maybe, we would have to recognize for at least one second, the true revelation that we are doing things wrong, admit it, and then take real measures with strong will power to start doing things in a new way. Most of us will be afraid of doing this because you feel you could run the risk of putting yourself in the spotlight and even losing your job as a result. But once again, why not start and try, to see the power this would cause in our environment? So start by not handling objections at all levels, not with your clients, neither your peers, partners, colleagues and nor your teams.

Start listening and taking real measures to make things different. Follow by mentoring your people to create a new sales-ware in which there are no spaces reserved for “handling objections” but instead for “360º deep hands-on listening and understanding”.

What's right, what's wrong?

There is no magic formula; there is no right thing to do, not even with the commonly used 10 tips for success or 7 ways of everything. You won't see improvements by just reading, getting yourself to the gym, playing instruments or living a healthy lifestyle.

The change as mentioned in the beginning of the article is possible but only if YOU want to do it, and most of all when you are able to, as we are not always open and able to make these changes.

To stop handling objections and start listening and changing things is something serious and takes time, but I would at least recommend to start with, to just try in small doses doing things we are used to doing in a different way. After some days maybe we will start to see some positive changes not only in us but in our entire daily environment. Maybe it’s just smiling when entering in the petrol station, in spite of not really liking what you see. It could be a case of starting to listen to that colleague at work who is always negative.

No one really has the magic formula for you, but for sure it you start today with yourself that is more than enough. There is no better call to action, than the real action of calling or giving a shout , so once again, if you liked what you just read, share, call or get in touch, do what you want, but do something!

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