More than 8,000 young people find employment opportunities in Spain thanks to the collaboration between IVC Academy and the Fundación Universidad-Empresa.

SaaS Sales Training Program was created with the mission to develop talent and address the challenges of employability of new generations in the digital economy.

This programme has been designed to acquire the professional competencies and skills most in demand by high-performance technology companies. A practical immersion with more than 600 hours of training in the SAAS Sales method for the most relevant positions such as Sales Development Representative (SDR), Account Executive (AE) and others related to B2B consultative sales.

IVC Academy's framework of collaboration with different types of technology partners, institutions and companies in the sector, offers a practical immersion in real employment that allows the participant to achieve employability in a period of 17 weeks.

This new SaaS Sales programme aims to accelerate the incorporation of young people into digital employment. Once again, IVC Academy and the Fundación Universidad-Empresa renew their commitment to the employability of young people. Since 2014, this collaboration has enabled more than 1,500 young people to take their first steps in the labour market in 2.0 internships in 200 renowned companies such as Airbus, Accenture, DKV Seguros, Saint Gobain, FOXNetwork, Panda Security, Urbaser, BBVA, NCR, Feu Vert, Mahou, Calvo, Heineken, GALP, Sodexo, Cetelm, Bosch, Grupo Pascual, Pepsico, Axa and others.

The way we work has changed radically. The world is moving towards a model where all existing information systems will communicate with each other in what is known as Society 5.0. A society that is facing the digital transformation of organisations.

Within this framework of technological acceleration, IVC Academy is launching a programme in the commercial area in B2B environments to encourage the incorporation of young talent into the labour market. A programme to learn how to be a 5.0 leader.

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