IVC- International Venture Consultants redefines its brand identity

The change represents another step towards our goal: to build companies that change the world.

After more than 50 years supporting national and foreign companies with a broad portfolio of professional services, BPO and business development, at IVC we have updated our corporate identity with a change that aligns with the company's vision: to build companies that change the world. The new logo revitalizes our brand with a more modern proposal that represents the services we offer, showing our capacity for change and flexibility.

This renovation features a new web environment totally focused on our customers. This new and intuitive structure presents the business lines and services in a clear and concise way for a more effective communication.

The new logo, effective from now on, is composed of the company's initials, crowned by a simple figure in the shape of a dialogue box that forms the "i", once again a symbol of constant communication with our customers. The figure at the top of the logo takes up the corporate green tones, honoring the company's history. It also allows adaptation for each of the business lines, using dark green, associated with versatility, for corporate services and orange tones related to action and innovation for the business development line.

Since our foundation in 1970, we have collaborated with more than 2,400 companies, helping them to achieve their objectives. With this experience, we have managed to place IVC at the height of other European references, with the business lines of corporate services, venture capital and business development.

At International Venture Consultants we define ourselves as the trusted partner for an excellent performance of our clients' corporate services, our main asset being the interpersonal relationships. This new change is accompanied by our long trajectory of improving our clients' companies and we redefine ourselves with the slogan We Make It Work, We Make It Last, because these services help to create solid and lasting companies.

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