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Actualizado: 22 jun 2021

When demand increases in a sector, companies need to find more and more ways to save on costs and focus on high potential markets. The energy sector is one of them, particularly in India, where is currently presenting major investment opportunities of up to 250 billion dollars.

India is the third largest producer of electricity in the world and accounts the 4.8% power generation of the globe. With a population of 1.27 billion this is a great opportunity for investment, because the 36% of residents (over 300 million people) does not have access to electricity.

The newly elected government has pledged to make large strides in the production of electricity for the coming year and pledged a capacity addition of 700 GW by 2030. To put this into perspective, the current generation is around 270 GW; this increase shows the seriousness of the government to invest in energy.

At this moment only the 28% of the installed capacity comes from renewable sources and, as part of this scheme, this country has committed itself to add 100 GW of Solar Energy as well as 60 GW of Wind Energy by 2022.

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Accordingly with this initiative to boost investment, the next year, IEEMA will be hosting the largest electricity, power and electronic technology fair in the world, named ELECRAMA-2016. The event will take place from 13th-17th February at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center in India.

It will bring together the major electrical companies like Eaton Corporation, Larson and Toubro, Bhel, Legrand SA, Alstom Grid, RPG Enterprises, Schneider Electric SA and many more.

This is not the first time that the country celebrates this fair, the last version of this event was in 2014, where 947 exhibitors participated and over 100,000 attendees.


IVC collaborated with IEEMA (Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association) to promote ELECRAMA-2012 and ELECRAMA-2014 in Europe as well.This year we are supporting them again to find attendees from all over Europe, Russia, and CIS countries.

If you are interested in attending ELECRAMA 2016 or want to receive more information about it, free feel to contact us or fill in the following registration form. We will be glad to speak with you!

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