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Actualizado: 11 may 2021

IVC contributes to the development of the innovation ecosystem. The key to the best innovation ecosystems is a dedicated collaboration between stakeholders in order to achieve exceptional success together. Examples of innovation stakeholders are the governmental institutions, investors, corporations, entrepreneurs, and the educational system –all of which IVC collaborates with on a daily basis.

Traditional ways of looking at innovation include increasing investments in production to support innovation activity. By contrast, nowadays innovation is about finding new ways to increase the output without increasing input; it is about interactions and relationships between different stakeholders that share knowledge and resources to create innovation.

Organizations must take part in their innovation ecosystem if they want to be able to stay competitive in an environment that is rapidly changing. Young companies are thinking big and focus internationally: they need to internationalize in an early stage to be in line with stretching Time-to-Markets. Start-ups are more and more concentrated in the city centres of metropoles, where the interactions between disruptive ideas and diverse people create rich sowing grounds for innovation. These cities convert into so-called startup hubs, like Silicon Valley, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. The key challenge is to find a way to be a useful partner in these ecosystems, while capturing the opportunities that these disruptive innovation hotspots offer.

Building a business case with Rabobank Global Trainees

Recently, IVC came together with a Dutch multinational bank, the Rabobank, and the Dutch embassy in Madrid in order to discuss exactly this theme with a group of ambitious Global Trainees of the Rabobank.

At the Rabobank International office in Madrid, IVC presented their ambitions and vision for the next 10 years. Following a discussion about innovation, IVC presented their business case to the trainees. Some of the topics we challenged the trainees with: what are the changing roles of the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem? What are the drivers of these changes? And most importantly: How can the different stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem together contribute to the international success of startups?

After discussing the business case, the Global Trainees relocated to the Dutch Embassy in Madrid, where the Dutch ambassador welcomed them with a presentation. In the offices of the Dutch embassy, the trainees worked on their pitches for the business case. They built their pitches on previous innovation initiatives and examples of successful startups in both the Netherlands and Spain. The diverse background of the trainees lead to interesting perspectives on the changing roles of the different stakeholders they represented for the case.

We want to thank the trainees for their inspiration and challenging ideas. Furthermore, we thank the Rabobank and the Dutch embassy in Madrid for their cooperation in organizing a successful day.

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