Business Scalability in Complex Markets; The Truth is Out There

Actualizado: 22 jun 2021

Market complexity is growing exponentially for global organizations and startups as they struggle trying to catch up with new models and environments. When we say scalability we mean it in the most holistic way possible.

Organizations are made by humans and hence should be based on the well-known Richard "Frosty" Hesson’s four pillars of the human foundation: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual, training them all your life. You should be in shape, strengthen your mind through your research and academics, adapt to stress and life changes and have a driving living purpose and faith.

The question many companies and leaders are asking themselves is “how do I set the perfect balance between strategy and action”. Balancing both parts is the hardest task because finding the right way to design and implement the two is easier said than done.

According to the culture model described in Fredric Laloux's book Reinventing Organizations, we learn why lean and agile adoption efforts often struggle to reach their potential and explore ideas to become more successful. Organizations that are able to recognize what they are doing wrong are closer to the next level of evolution in scalability.

Apart from setting the right strategy and implementing it in a lean and agile way, organizations are getting more and more aware that none of them would be useful to meet the goals if there is a lack of connection between the human capital and the leadership. That is why the recipes and outcomes are getting more and more complex.

An agile business model is the key

Integral collaboration, intelligent processes, agile communication and innovation, and accurate decision making at all levels of the organization work for multi-national companies as well as startups, the business recipe.

This means that apart from corporate skills and attitudes, companies should carefully look at the biggest drivers that lead to business scalability:

  • A Business Model and operational structure based on corporate and business generation optimization. This is essential to know and measure the real impact of your actual business operations. Without having this factor on the top of our mind, the growth of the company is at risk.

  • Go-to-market and target knowledge; when you are missing which are the pains and needs of the market and the micro-insights of each individual portion of your market, then competitors will have a big advantage and your targets will not be as open to your product or services’ unique selling points. Services and Products have been led by innovative reaction and anticipation by visionary successful leaders.

  • Value proposition and unique selling points, imagine you have understood your target market needs, proposed an innovative, creative, agile and cost-effective way to cover them and add real value. Congratulations! You are now finished with one of the most complex parts but do not forget the next step because now you have to make your messages clear and understandable for the different targets with more silhouettes that Fifty Shades of Grey. Here, companies need to develop a series of concise and accurate messages, integrating a powerful general to specific value proposition for the targets approached. This is the most important part of the business scalability for many companies.

  • Thought leadership plan, getting in touch with your targets is essential to adjust your value proposition by a continuous, soft and non-intrusive contact with your potential clients. To “have an online beer with your clients and prospects” you have to find essential clues about their attitudes and goals as the perfect complement to evolve your messages to lead the market or field.

  • Business strategy - Being agile and rapid in understanding the market needs, in a macro and micro level, permits the leaders to adapt and re-engineer their strategies to implement them on the move. This makes the difference between those who will add value to those who will be struggling and disappearing.

  • Business processes, KPI’s and measurement, it’s not only observing, implementing and executing over the edge but registering what is happening in your environment, field and inside your company. This means using analytics and predicting what might happen next. Do not forget to act at the same time you analyze, avoiding “analysis- paralysis” or “the comfort zone”.

  • Effective Leadership, last but not least and coming back to Laloux’s concept of anti-fragile companies, creative and authentic leaders mean everything in every organization. Beginning with “every single person of a team should be his/her own leader and without these leaders, business scalability may never occur in the long run. There are circles that empower all members of your organization from the first to the last.

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Finest combinations for business scalability

Just as world class chefs’ experiment through trial, error and refinement, business needs to learn from mistakes for a continuous agile innovation. The recipe to develop the art of doing business for scalability in our complex ever-changing environment should contain:

A Strategic View: creating alternative ways to proceed without fear or barriers in the organization. If you are not able to rapidly articulate it, search for professional advice or partnerships in the market.

Confidence: finding the strength to feeling well once the decisions are made and providing the right pace and compass for an orchestral direction. If you make mistakes, take measures and learn for the next time.

Learner DNA: Seeing a new day as another chance to achieve a new piece of humble knowledge or advice, give organizations the right to be at the top of its natural success by simply being curious about living the present moment. Feeling the moment catalyzes creativity.

Ideas-builder: finding connections when others see difficulties, feeling motivated to create when others see problems and leading by doing what others reject to do. Passion never dies when organizations are moved by heart and conviction. Brainstorming all the time is sometimes better than measuring all day long.

Communicative: probably the most important ingredient of the recipe. Companies should never allow hierarchies to prevent growth. Instead of ambitious business plans, define the paces for people’s spreading while all together find the best way for meeting the goals. Of course do not forget about well-defined processes and tools which guide business to scalability.

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