6 Symptoms that your company needs Inbound Marketing

Actualizado: 11 may 2021

Can I please borrow two minutes? After reading this article, you will have discovered all the opportunities you are missing out on for not implementing Inbound Marketing in your company's strategy. Today we live in a world marked by constant disruptive changes which affect the market (e.g. more demanding and informed users, new consumer habits, emerging IT platforms, more developed and streamlined delivery logistics).

The answer to all these questions is provided by several digital marketing tools on the market, which are easy to use and that will delight your potential customers... and you too. Traditional marketing is no longer in, now everybody is going Inbound or integrating both.

But how do you know if you actually need Inbound Marketing? Here are a few of the main symptoms which, if present in your organization, should make you reconsider whether it is time to implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Symptom 1: Static website The main goal of any Inbound Marketing strategy is to make all digital assets available to capture business opportunities. If you expect to reach this goal with a corporate website or e-commerce page, your approach to solve your problems is wrong.

In other words, everything should be optimized. From calls to action (CTA), to lead tracking resources, user experience and personalized browsing experience for each buyer persona to the optimization of analytical tools.

Symptom 2: Never-ending sales cycles "I used to sell a product within a month. And now? At least two or three months". Does that sound familiar? Another reason to give Inbound Marketing a try. It is all a question of ongoing dynamic communication which allows for shorter sales cycles. What does the Inbound philosophy mean? seducing the customer to reach you naturally. In other words, it's the customer who actually calls your sales rep instead of your sales rep calling the customer.

Symptom 3: Inefficient Marketing Department You manage a company with a significant turnover figure, however, your marketing department is showing signs of inefficiency. What's the answer to this problem? Automation. Inbound Marketing offers an interesting range of tools and possibilities which allow to automate processes which obviously translates into a more efficient department.

This includes scheduling your social media posts and e-mails, creation of forms and landing pages aimed at capturing quality leads, organized content posting on the company's website, etc.

Don't forget that everything in Inbound Marketing is available to the company to work 24/7 to one single purpose: boost your turnover.

Symptom 4: Undefined potential customer Intuition and general conclusions have been up to now the compass guiding the actions of most marketing departments. Thanks to a good Inbound strategy you will better know your buyer persona and her specific characteristics, so you can develop actions specifically designed for your buyer persona to start a process of attraction towards your product or service. Symptom 5: Chaotic database A well-organized, well-segmented and updated database can be a real treasure. These are the main ingredients needed for Inbound Marketing to start generating quality interaction processes (i.e. e-mailing, nurturing, etc.). Different Inbound Marketing tools allow to create optimized and clean data bases of qualified leads. In brief, it is about conveying the right message to the right potential customer at the right time to convert it into a final customer. Symptom 6: You don't see the Return on Investment A classic in any marketing department: we can't see —sometimes we can't even accurately estimate— the return on investment of our marketing actions. Well, that was before Inbound. Thanks to Inbound tools all actions can be accurately measured, which allows you to visualize the profitability of every cent invested and, particularly, its capacity of converting prospects into clients. Several research studies show that Inbound leads cost 64% less than outbound leads. Once you have read this article, what is keeping you from taking the plunge into Inbound Marketing?

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