5 Amazing SEO Techniques That Double You Search Traffic!

With how the online market has grown so saturated in recent years, arguably SEO now is very important as the most effective way to generate organic traffic.SEO is very effective in building awareness, but you still need the right tactics and techniques to quickly grow your traffic.

Here, we will discuss the five most effective SEO techniques that double your search traffic! Let’s start with the first one.

1. Defining and Understanding Target Audience

What is the objective of SEO? While it might vary depending on the business/person implementing it, most likely it’s to attract more traffic to the website. That is, attracting our audience.

On the other hand, one of the key aspects of SEO success is to make sure your content can please your target audience. Google themselves stated that the mission of Google search is to deliver the most relevant information for its target audience. The more reliable and relevant your content is for your target audience, the higher you’ll rank, which can help you double your search traffic in no time.

So, the better you can understand your target audience, the better you can deliver value and relevance, and we can do the following:

  • Use Google Analytics and check your existing traffic. You can aim to find an audience similar to this existing traffic

  • Analyze engagement on your website (i.e blog comment) and your social media engagement. Check what kind of content gets more engagement and by whom.

  • Use social media to engage with your audience, for example, to conduct surveys and interviews.

  • Use platforms like Quora to gain more customer insights

2. Proper Site Audit To Develop Your SEO Strategy

Knowing the current state of our site is very important so we’ll know which area we can optimize to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Making sure your content is more valuable and relevant for your target audience (as discussed above)

  2. Optimizing the UX aspect of your site like mobile-responsiveness, page load speed, and so on so our audience can stay longer on our website (maximize dwell time) and also prevent high bounce rate

  3. Ensuring Google can properly crawl and index your website and also properly recognize all site elements.

We can do this by implementing a proper site audit, and while a site audit can be a pretty broad subject to discuss, here are some of the most important areas to audit:

  • Optimizations on titles/headings and META descriptions

  • Proper keyword optimization for each page (and avoid keyword stuffing)

  • URL structure and optimization

  • Readability and page structure/layout

  • Usage of white spaces

  • Short paragraphs for easier readability

  • Proper utilization of headings/subheadings

  • CTA optimizations

  • Image optimizations (using keywords in alt tags)