3 Tips on how to improve B2B sales for tech companies

Actualizado: 10 may 2021

The market of IT technologies is one of the most rapidly changing industries nowadays. Such a dynamic environment gives wonderful opportunities to succeed for some companies with up- to -date competitive solutions, but, at the same time, it can be dangerous for others, those that are not commercially agile. Technology companies must be ready for tough competition from all sides, not only do have to work on their software, but also have to think about the most effective business model, demand generation, service delivery and, of course, marketing. The first three aforementioned points can vary depending on the type of IT solutions, but marketing principles are more common for the industry. Let´s look at 3 tips which help to succeed in B2B sales.

1. Apply data-driven tactics & react quickly

The moment of contact should not be opportunistic, its selection should be based on global sales trends and changes at particular target company. Modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can facilitate this analysis and should be used more widely in order to reduce wasted time and effort. These days the automation of analytics and responsiveness become more and more valuable elements of success in the IT market.

2. Leverage demand generation through high quality content

The B2B SaaS market has experienced unprecedented growth over the last 2 years, nevertheless companies which want to take advantage of the market development, should not just wait for clients. In contrast, they must work hard on demand generation. At the core, it’s all about driving awareness and interest to your company’s services and products. A well-done corporate website could be a good base for these activities. New potential clients can be attracted by high-quality content. In addition, creating a category of premium content is recommended for visitors who are ready to share their contact information, company name, job title, etc. Such strategy helps to obtain a database of targeted contacts, which is useful for marketing activities. Finally, your website should contain a clear message to B2B buyers explaining the benefits and unique values of your service – they must understand how you will help them achieve their business objectives.

3. Switch on account based marketing

Modern IT technologies have facilitated automated marketing activities considerably, but at the same time unification and volume have become their main principles. If a technology company want to succeed in B2B sales, it should take into account that everybody wants to be unique and companies, like other customers, also want to be treated individually. Account based marketing has some important advantages in comparison with “massive” marketing. First of all, it provides the right leads, since you have the right target audience. Also, any kind of specialization helps to become a real professional with reach expertise in your business area. Furthermore, sales with account based marketing have a shorter cycle, since they are targeted to the accounts that are most likely to convert in clients. Finally, it helps to establish long-term customer relationships thanks to a deep understanding of their needs from the beginning.

There are some well-known platforms which already have a good reputation within the CRM-market and help companies in B2B marketing – Salesforce, HubSpot and Marketo are the most popular. But, CRM solutions continue their development and go further – the next generation is the innovative DATANYZE platform which is being actively integrated by many market leaders.

Datanyze provides access to demographic, firmographic and technographic information for over 40 million companies, enriching and scoring your leads and target accounts in their CRM automatically. It also helps to quickly identify your best accounts, get accurate contacts, accelerate your sales & achieve an outstanding performance! Spend less time guessing and more time closing deals!

If you are interested in transitioning into a new era of CRM, we would be happy to help you and answer all of your questions!

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