B2B sales and marketing operation suite


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Enter, expand and consolidate your sales operation within emea

Download our white papers (Sales Acceleration / Inside Sales) if your challenge is to:

  • Acquire new clients efficiently and rapidly.
  • Have access to local market know how and expertise.
  • Reduce Time to Market in order to catch the window of opportunity.
  • On-demand fully trained local talent.
  • Develop scalable, solid, and locally adapted processes for your businesses requirements.

About us:

  • Sustainable expansion is how we enable your business to accelerate sales through demand generation and opportunity detection, putting at your disposal a qualified pool of local talent via our B2B Sales Academy.
  • Basing our efforts on tested models such as BANT, Target Account Selling (TAS), and Marketing Automation, we locate, implement and execute the best Go-to-Market strategy for each market.


Sales Acceleration
Sales Acceleration
Sales acceleration based on a solution methodology which provides the best, proven and tested Go-to-Market in order to strengthen your demand generation and pipeline.
Biz Academy
B2B Sales Academy
B2B Sales Academy provides you with on-demand local resources in order to welcome tomorrow's requirements.
Local talent trained based on your real case studies, giving them a taste of your companies culture and activities.
Marketing Solutions
Inbound and Outbound Marketing
Designing your Customer Journey.
Implementation and execution phase of inbound and outbound marketing.
Channer Intelligence
Channel Development
Gather Channel Intelligence and profiling, identify partner lifecycles and differentiate resellers and distributors.
We will help to Recruit, Activate, and Manage your local partners.


We work on our client's CRM platform or operate through IVC's technological partners listed below: