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Launching, boosting or further developing a new business venture is a complex challenge. One out of ten new companies ends up successfully consolidating; however, around 80% have failed by the fourth year.

At IVC, we have been developing new business ventures for over 45 years. Those projects are subject to a high degree of uncertainty, caused both by market changes and trends and by their internal operation:

  • Start-ups and young firms at the right time to expand their business model and grow, while transitioning from start-up to company.
  • Mature enterprises seeking to innovate by launching or acquiring new business lines.
  • Companies which, in order to continue growing, must go international and compete in markets other than their current arena.

Nationalities in our customer base
Nationalities within our team

Key challenges

If there is a lesson learned over the years is that a new venture requires resources, tools and a specific methodology.


Entrepreneurial skills, team & people, market knowhow.


Problem validation, market size, go-to-market model, client KPI's, scalable market.


Differential technology, market-product fit, scalable product


Management processes, legal structure, investment capability, cash flow


At IVC we have developed a New Venture's Journey as a method which can minimize operational risk factors and support the progress of projects in a step-by-step manner. We focus on:

1. Start up "Minimum Viable Product"

The validation of the potential of the project. Do you have the right team, product and market? Scalable product? The right timing?
Timing: 6 - 18 months

2. Grow up "Minimum Viable Company"

The next step is from Startup to a young company with the capacity to operate according to a plan and objectives. Do you have sales and marketing processes? Do you have the adequate financial administration, HR and reporting processes?
Timing: 12 - 30 months

3. Scale up

Concept of a consolidated company that is able to capture the market potential efficiently with a sustainable and predictable growth.

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