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How to Prepare a Professional Development Plan to Avoid 'Brain Drain’

What is a professional development plan and why should you create one? A development plan for personnel is a method of assessing a person's professional life, knowing where they are and where they ...


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Country by country Report. Form 231

Those international groups with business figures over Euros 750 million in the 12 months prior the start of the tax period should inform to the Spanish Tax Authorities with the submission of ...

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Adoption on form 232 related-party transactions

We’re all back to work after the summer holidays and there is fresh news to share: the Spanish Official Gazette published an Order on 30 August adopting Form 232, an informative statement for ...

related-party transactions

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Related-party transactions. Changes to the information to be provided to the tax agency

The Spanish Ministry of Finance has recently published a Draft Order, introducing a new informative tax statement (Form 232), which will include information on related-party transactions and ...

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Recover the municipal tax on property transfer

When an urban property is transferred, whether due to inheritance, bequest, donation, sale, exchange, etc., the Tax on the Increased Value of Urban Property is accrued, also known as "plusvalía ...

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Time to optimize your recruitment strategy

As a Human Resources professional, I once found myself having to sift through a pile of over 1,000 resumes for a single selection process. Considering that my goal is normally to fill one single ...

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How was your weekend?

How was your weekend? This is a question we usually hear on Monday morning at the office. If the question comes from our boss, it may be a way to break the ice before getting into work-related ...

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Office administration a drag for many companies

Outsourcing is a business management strategy, consisting in hiring a provider to carry out a service which was previously internally undertook by the company's own staff and with its own resources.

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Financial statements of SMEs

Several documents are included under the name financial statements and the combination of all reports provides a true and fair view of a small or medium company’s assets, financial position and ...

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How to incorporate in Spain

There are different ways to do business in Spain: as a sole trader (also known as self-employed professional) or as a trading company. The main differences between both forms are determined by the ...