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The Internet of Things – What it is & Where It´s Going

IVC´s very own Director of Business Development, Bernardo Martinez, recently partook in an interview with publishing company, Cinco Dias, where he discussed his opinions on what is in store for IoT ...

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Corporate Services

How to Prepare a Professional Development Plan to Avoid 'Brain Drain’

What is a professional development plan and why should you create one? A development plan for personnel is a method of assessing a person's professional life, knowing where they are and where they ...



International Expansion – How to Successfully Expand Your Tech Company

The international business community is a cosmopolitan landscape with endless possibilities for growth. Europe is one of the most important markets for American tech companies to choose when looking ...


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How a Pharmaceutical was able to balance it's Financial and Personnel Management with IVC's HR Solution

 We present a success story about a large pharmaceutical company that chose the IVC’s Human Resources solution to resolve a complicated situation regarding to issues of people management, cost ...


Business Development

How to Succeed with Go-To-Market Strategy

The Go-To-Market (G2M) strategy is gaining popularity among companies due to its client-oriented approach. It creates a detailed trajectory of products that companies develop from the planning ...


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Sales Plan: Examples and Steps for Development

Any business plan requires a sales plan; in fact, practically all plans for a project (production plan, treasury plan, etc.) are based on initial revenue estimates. This plan involves much ...


Business Development

Westward Expansion of Europeans in the 21st century: this time it’s IT!

Over the last decades Europe remains one of the most economically stable and favorable region for doing business in the world. A united European market, harmonized fiscal and legal policies, 500 ...


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Country by country Report. Form 231

Those international groups with business figures over Euros 750 million in the 12 months prior the start of the tax period should inform to the Spanish Tax Authorities with the submission of ...


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The new era of dynamic data: the classic database provider is DEAD

No doubt that all social media and modern technologies have already brought us in the era of hyper-personalized marketing, what means that the main challenges for promotion nowadays are to create the ...


Business Development

3 Tips on how to improve B2B sales for tech companies

The market of IT technologies is one of the most rapidly changing industries nowadays. Such a dynamic environment gives wonderful opportunities to succeed for some companies with up- to -date ...