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Sales conversion rates

Sales Plan: Examples and Steps for Development

Any business plan requires a sales plan; in fact, practically all plans for a project (production plan, treasury plan, etc.) are based on initial revenue estimates. This plan involves much ...


Business Development

Westward Expansion of Europeans in the 21st century: this time it’s IT!

Over the last decades Europe remains one of the most economically stable and favorable region for doing business in the world. A united European market, harmonized fiscal and legal policies, 500 ...


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Country by country Report. Form 231

Those international groups with business figures over Euros 750 million in the 12 months prior the start of the tax period should inform to the Spanish Tax Authorities with the submission of ...


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The new era of dynamic data: the classic database provider is DEAD

No doubt that all social media and modern technologies have already brought us in the era of hyper-personalized marketing, what means that the main challenges for promotion nowadays are to create the ...


Business Development

3 Tips on how to improve B2B sales for tech companies

The market of IT technologies is one of the most rapidly changing industries nowadays. Such a dynamic environment gives wonderful opportunities to succeed for some companies with up- to -date ...

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Adoption on form 232 related-party transactions

We’re all back to work after the summer holidays and there is fresh news to share: the Spanish Official Gazette published an Order on 30 August adopting Form 232, an informative statement for ...

Market segmentation

Business Development

Market Segmentation. How to be a Sniper?

During the university, I have learned across different subjects or pretty much in every book about marketing, how vital it is to segment your market. These are lessons I used to know in order to pass ...


Business Development

The hidden costs of poor Customer Experience

Do you remember the last time you had an unpleasant customer experience with a service or product? I do. When it happened to me, I felt disappointed, betrayed and angry because – after charging me ...

related-party transactions

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Related-party transactions. Changes to the information to be provided to the tax agency

The Spanish Ministry of Finance has recently published a Draft Order, introducing a new informative tax statement (Form 232), which will include information on related-party transactions and ...

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Recover the municipal tax on property transfer

When an urban property is transferred, whether due to inheritance, bequest, donation, sale, exchange, etc., the Tax on the Increased Value of Urban Property is accrued, also known as "plusvalía ...