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  • Building Really Good Ventures

    Our vocation is to be wherever great companies are created

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  • Building Really Good Ventures

    Internationally sustainable and scalable businesses

    The key is to find the optimal operation which allows us to meet the necessary growth goals while we remain competitive.

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Methodology We work with you to create value

Solutions Where we place our focus


We combine our skills with our very specific experience to overcome our clients' complex challenges. Learn what we do for:

  • Empresas-tecnologicas.jpg
    Technology Companies

    We accelerate and optimize business development processes and international sales for suppliers of business technology solutions.

  • Corporate Services
    Corporate Services

    We are the back office for international companies and investment entities looking for a flexible operation of their business processes.

  • Venture Capital
    Investment Funds

    We provide Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) organizations with a platform for business creation and optimization in order for them to survey their invested companies.

  • Your-Corporate-Incubator.jpg
    Corporate Incubators

    We create and manage corporate incubators for existing companies which really want to go for groundbreaking innovation through start-ups.

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What we love

Changing things, starting new businesses, trying new ways of doing things, contributing, anticipating and fostering great projects and professionals to have a global impact.
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What we do best

Organize, structure and boost international companies, deploying and optimizing critical business processes which make them deliver value in a sustained and sustainable manner.
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Our contribution

Businesses with a broader reach and higher impact on people, which are born and grow with a vocation to generate value for their clients, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.

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IVC is a consulting firm which was created in 1970 with the objective of helping international companies in the implementation and development of their operations in the Spanish market. Over the past 40 years, we have helped over 2,000 companies to achieve more and better business opportunities as well as to optimise the management of their Front and Back office processes, making these organisations more efficient and competitive.

In 2006, the founders of IVC decided to take a chance on a new generation of professionals committed to the original identity and development of the values which make IVC what it is today, a benchmark consulting firm based on proactivity, multiculturalism and diversity.

In the last few years, we have taken our passion and vocation for the creation of successful companies to the next level by creating and investing in different initiatives, our Ventures, because we want to continue to make our workforce and technical resources readily available to our clients and partners with the same vigor as we did on our first day, for the development of successful businesses in Spain.

Entrepreneurial passion

Only with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion while being fearless with a curiosity to experiment, will we be able to understand our clients' needs and goals and be an active part of building and developing their company and helping them to achieve success.

We believe in people

We believe that business success is achieved by respecting and valuing each individual, so we want to create a business project where our professionals, clients and partners play a role where trust allows them to reach the common goal.

Diversity and multiculturality

In a global world, we cannot conceive a different way of doing business other than in a company where different genders, nationalities, languages, beliefs and professional profiles are present, sharing a joint enriching vision.

Nimbleness and proactivity

We vigorously apply ideas which aim at stimulating, challenging and stretching the companies we provide advice to. We always look two steps ahead, anticipating our clients and partners' expectations.

  • Lucía Iborra
    CEO at VisualNACert

    We have accomplished the target of improving the processes and the commercial structure in order to increase sales and develop a partner model. I will recommed IVC for its great professionals and its expertise shown in our company.
  • Eugenio Marín
    CEO TechBA Madrid

    IVC is our strategic partner for global operations in Europe. Our mission is to accelerate sustainable growth of Mexican technology-based companies world-wide. Not only does their professionalism speak for themselves but their committment to succeed along with their partners and customers helps us leverage on their expertise and capabilities. We have achieved market presence together in Europe, North Africa and LATAM. I highly recommend IVC for business development innovative entrepreneurship.
  • Antonio Duarte
    Human Resources Director Spain & Portugal at Tyco

    I had the great opportunity to work with IVC in my period in Tyco when facing a complex business restructuring project. The IVC team quickly identified the approach and need of the customer, being the most objective and giving professional feedback. IVC generates several important recommendations in order to execute the best action plan according to the need and the strategy of our business. They really act as a business partner providing the right support, even in negotiation meetings.
  • Helen Frech
    Key Account Manager at Advantage Austria

    We appreciate the professional approach and cooperation with IVC and their excellent knowledge of the Spanish market. The team of IVC showed great dedication in identifying qualified business leads for the Austrian companies participating at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.


We also launch our own new ventures, learn about some of them here.

  • Swanlaab Venture Factory

  • Accutone

  • Startup Academy

  • Intelexion

  • Yump

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